About Us

Who We Are

Squabble is in the business of helping people resolve and move past frustrating situations.

We get it. Things go wrong and people disagree. It’s part of life and it’s going to happen but there is no reason for resolution to be as painful as it is today. Squabble makes the hard situations easier.

How It All Started

Squabble was born out of an inspired talk between a law professor and his student during office hours. They wondered, “How many Americans are legitimately owed money but have no easy way to get it?” The answer: millions.

The Squabble founders knew there had to be a better and simpler way to resolve disputes. So, they set out to make Small Claims national and mobile.

Our Vision

Resolution is no longer only for those who have the time, funds, and expertise to navigate the small claims process. It is (finally!) for anyone and everyone. With Squabble, you can easily resolve a dispute on your own time, without complicated language, right from your phone. Squabble is designed to be the easiest filing system in the country. We know you are not a lawyer and the system can be complex and hard to navigate. We make it easy.